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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Fuel Supply

With the roll hoops fitted, I moved onto the fitment of the fuel tank connections.  I placed the fuel tank in the boot and planned what fuel hose should go where to minimise protrusions.

I have also decided to put valves in line with the supply and return since it seemed like a good idea at the time...

I loosely put together the y-piece, the valve and the elbow to see where the bulkhead fittings could be mounted.  This was slightly tricky due to the rear chassis bracing that runs up past the gap between the fuel tank and body.

I used masking tape to help see my drill points and drilled through for the -10AN bulkhead fitting for the supply, and the -8AN 90° fitting for the return.  This meant that I could now cut the fuel hose to the correct length and fit the hose ends.

Once cut to the correct length, the -10 supply hose was removed from the fuel filter to fit the hose end on the bench which was easier than doing it in situ.  The return line had to be done in situ, however the -8 fittings are easier to work with than the -10 due to the smaller size.

Once this was all dry fitted, I applied some sealant around the bulkhead fittings to help hold them in place.  I still need to fit a p-clip to each of the hoses.  Next job will be to make up all the short lengths of hose from the top of the tank to the bulkhead fittings.

There isn't a lot of room.....

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