What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Exhaust Completion & Jacking Point

After dry fitting the exhaust, and marking each part where it should sit, I managed to fit the rear mounting using the reinforced rubber supplied by GD.  I replaced the steel exhaust clamps with stainless steel ones.

While I was fitting the exhaust, I was conscious about what a ClubGD member - Larry, recommended about a rear jacking point to aid lifting the car once complete.

I studied his write up in the club magazine and decided to make up the same idea.

The only issue I had was that on the rear part of the X-pipe was a welded support fouling where the jacking point would go.

With the rear U-bolts clamp being so robust, I felt that the welded in part wasn't too crucial so I cut it out!  This then opened up an area below the rear chassis rail for the jacking point.

I designed a piece of stainless plate - 6mm x 458mm x 83mm, with a short piece (88mm) of 2 1/2" stainless pipe for centering the jack.

I made a template from the design and marked and fitted 6x M8 rivnuts to the underside of the chassis.

I will post another photo once I have made the plate and fitted it.  I then have to make a fitting to link the jacking point to the jack.....

I then proceeded to finally assemble the exhaust using some Catalytic Converter & Sensor Safe RTV sealer (Granville).

I clamped up the exhaust with stainless steel clamps (INOX) to my pre-made markings and it all seems to fit well.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Four wheels!

I managed to find some wheel nuts that I bought for an old Honda that I owned.  They are the correct thread - M12x1.5mm.  I now have four wheels fitted with 2 wheel nuts each.  That will be fine for its purpose or moving it around the garage.  It's not as if I will be test driving it....................far!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Two Wheels on my Wagon!

One of my friends owns an old Ford Granada, and I thought he would be worth a try to see if he had any spare wheels.  He had some from a Granada Scorpio.  Exactly what I need!

He had 4 wheels, however he couldn't find any wheel nuts.  I managed to find 4, and so I fitted 2 wheels with 2 nuts each.  I'll have to source some more......

Once the exhaust has been finally fitted, and the other 2 wheels fitted, I will lower the "rolling" chassis to the ground.


After fitting the cooling and heater pipes, I decided to fit the 2 front cross braces.  These just needed a few taps to fit, and then bolted up using the high tensile cap head bolts.

A fairly straight forward job!

Heating & Cooling System

I managed to find some time to work on the car during my time off which has moved on quite a bit.  The weather has been excellent for October, and a lot of outside jobs have also been done which took priority.

I re-fitted the radiator which I had previously fitted the fan brackets and fan.  I cut some rubber hose for the top mount.

After initially receiving the incorrect radiator tank (I have a newer LS water pump), I have finally manged to fit it to the upper cross brace.  I set the tank on the cross brace and lined it up to the water pump using the 38mm to 32mm silicon hose.  I then marked and drilled the underside of the brace and tapped the hole to M6 and bolted it up.

I temporarily installed the air inlet pipe to be able to align the windscreen washer tank.  I checked the overhang of the bodyshell to ensure that the tank wouldn't foul, and decided that I would make the centres of the caps at even distances from the air inlet.

I ordered the stainless pack from GD for the heater matrix and also for the lower radiator hose.  The 2 x 16mm pipes have brackets pre-welded onto them for fitment on the upper cross brace.  I had to remove some of the tank brackets to permit fitment, and I used M5 button heads to fix it.

 I also used the CNC machined thermostat housing supplied by GD which I finally bolted up in the orientation that seemed to fit best.

I need to order more stainless clamps to finally fit the hoses and finally bolt in the upper cross brace.  I still require to order some 16mm hose for the heater, and figure out the final position of the heater matrix.


I managed to source some help in dry fitting the exhaust to ensure correct alignment.  This took a bit of maneuvering but I think it is now in a position that it is ready for final sealing and clamping.  I bought some stainless clamps (Similar to Mikalor) which will keep the exhaust system rust free and less likely to hit the ground when driving.

I have marked each joint with permanent marker so that I can disassemble, apply sealer, and reassemble in the correct location.

I have started making the rear rubber mount, and just need to make the final 3 holes to bolt it to the exhaust hanger.

Once I have finally fitted the exhaust, I plan to lower the chassis to the ground onto some build wheels!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Nuts, Bolts & Washers

With many things to do around the house, and painting windows etc. the car progress has suffered a bit.  I am still scouring the web regarding power steering requirements and some more wiring required.

In the meantime, I finally bought some wall organisers for holding all the A4 stainless set screws, nuts, washers that I had been keeping in plastic compartment boxes.  I bought 3 different types - a 60 drawer, 48 drawer and a 24 drawer.  There is room for one more organiser which I will buy later once I know what size will be the best.