What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Finished Brake Lines

I have altered the right rear brake line to accommodate the handbrake cable if it requires to be changed out in the future (shouldn't ever need to?).

I think this gives enough room for everything required, and it still neat enough not to get in any things way.

I still need to finally bolt the tee piece into position using an M6 bolt, but I will also put on a P-clip to hold the main handbrake cable that runs from the handbrake lever.

The handbrake cable is too long so I will have to investigate how short I need to cut it.  I have seen some people using splice crimps, but I am going to look into remaking the end that goes onto the calliper itself.  I'll keep you posted.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Differential Fitted

My father and I managed to get the diff fitted and in place after a little bit of a struggle.  It's pretty heavy!  We managed using a bit of rope and between us we managed to get some long threaded rod in the rear mount to help pull it into it's final place.  I will remove each bolt again and put threadlock on them.  I can mount the driveshafts now.

I have also had a rethink regarding the right rear brake pipe route.  I have realised that the handbrake cable cannot be removed without undoing the rear brake pipes.  If for any reason that this needs replaced in the future it could be a bit of hassle to replace.

I will therefore alter the right rear so it can be removed easily.  This can hopefully be done tomorrow.

I have tapped out the p clip mount holes to hold the brake pipe in M5.  This seems to work well.  I just need to spray in some cavity wax prior to final fitment.

I have also loosely fitted the steering rack, but I will have to set my bump steer, but I will do this once I have set the front camber.

Monday, 25 January 2016

More Brake Pipes

I have run in the brake pipes to all four corners, and just have to fit the stainless p clips to fix them in position.  I didn't install the rear left pipe as per the norm, since I thought I would leave plenty of room for the fuel line as I don't want to limit the flow in any way.  I still have to flare the ends at the aluminium block where the two pipes meet in the engine bay, so I'll hopefully get them done shortly.

I have set the p clips in position and marked where the holes are to be drilled, so this will be one of my next jobs.

**Please see updated post showing new brake pipe run here **

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Brake Pipes

I have started running the front brake pipe.  I initially thought about running stainless steel brake line, but I tried to flare some and it didn't quite work.  Although it was double annealed, it was just too hard.

I have then settled for kunifer or copper-nickel pipe but using stainless steel fittings.  The only part I can't find in stainless are the Tee pieces, but the brass ones will be good.

I bought a 3/16" tube bender from Ridgid tools - model 603.  It cost a bit, but it is much easier and neater to bend tubes rather than using your knee or a cheap bender!  I bought it from here

I have also bought marine grade stainless steel P-clips to fix them in position using rivnuts.  Once I have run the brake lines, I will mark and drill for the rivnuts to fix the P-clips to.

I am keeping the brake line as far away from the engine as possible to minimise the effect of heat.  I may install a heat shield, but will assess once the engine is in.

I will hopefully finish the front pipe tomorrow morning, then move onto the middle and rear.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Front Suspension

I have managed to assemble the front suspension.  I opted for the rose jointed wishbones, as I felt I would prefer a more adjustable set-up to future proof the car.  Probably once set, they won't be adjusted again!

I had to get my dad to help put the spring on the shock since I couldn't quite manage to compress the spring.  I could have used spring compressors, but it just needed a little bit of persuasion.

A fairly straight forward install, however you have to make sure that the hub with the left hand thread nut (kindly marked by Andy at GD) is installed on the right hand side of the car.

The lower ball joints were pressed in using a hydraulic press, but I have no photos of that.

I am hoping to start installing the brake lines now that I have received my tube benders.  I have the rear callipers and discs, but I don't have the AP racing front brakes yet.  I have asked Andy for the aluminium mounting blocks for the callipers so at least it the hub assemblies can be fully bolted up for the moment.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Rear Suspension

I have loosely assembled both rear quarters now.  I will make up the brake pipes before putting in the diff and driveshafts.  I am waiting on my new tube benders before doing this, so I will be moving on to the front suspension.