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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Fuel Pumps and Sender

I bought some Blue Hylomar sealant which is fuel proof to put around the bolts and gaskets on the bolts that go onto the fuel tank.  The Aeromotive kit for the fuel pumps system came with a foam style gasket and nylon washers an lock nuts.

The VDO sender came with a rubber gasket and I used stainless M5 button head set screws with spring washers.

For information, the VDO sender showed 85.5 Ohms when empty, and 4.2 Ohms when Full.  I may need this when ordering gauges!

I then thought I had better service test the fuel system before fitting the body.  The y-piece fuel fitting under the transmission cover being the one of most concern.

I put some hose fittings onto the end of the fuel hose at the rear and connected up the supply hose, with the return temporarily going into a waste tank to flush the lines.  The tank was then filled with some fuel - enough to feed the pump.

I opened the garage door to ensure there was plenty of ventilation before connecting the pump directly to a battery.  I pulsed the pump a little, just to ensure there were no leaks anywhere.  Once I was happy, then I let some more petrol flow into the waste tank.  I then connected the pump to run full time.

There were no leaks!!  My son ensured I had not missed any.

I then tweaked the fuel pressure regulator to reach the required pressure of 58psi.  This may be tweaked later on when on a dyno, but this is now set.

Very happy with the fuel system, so shut off the pump, and drained down what I could of the fuel lines.  This now means my garage smells of petrol.....  And my clothes....

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