What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Friday, 20 November 2015

Lights Fitted

I have finally gotten around to starting the build!

Since GD had already removed the flash lines and given the body a full compound and polish for me, I started by fitting the lights.

I double checked the dimensions of the headlight hole, and cut them out using my Proxxon tool with circle cutting attachment.  I then marked the holes for the adjustment screws and the mounting holes.  I have used A4 stainless pan head set screws to fit the headlight units and also the indicator lights.  I hope to use a lot of Stainless screws to prevent the dreaded rust.

I have also temporarily fitted the windscreen, but this needs a little more adjustment to get the centre bracket to fit.  I will have to get the wiper mechanism and demister escutcheons prior to final fitting and sealing.

I have also blocked up the bolt holes in the chassis using M8 & M6 bolts prior to the hot metal spraying.  I have been advised that this will be at least 2 weeks away due to the painters being on paternity leave!  All the best to them, and a couple of weeks won't make any difference to me.

Front Lights Fitted (P700 units used & clear indicators with orange lamps)

Rear lights fitted