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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Fuel Filter

I got around to fitting the Aeromotive fuel filter.  This is located downstream of the fuel pumps, and has a filter mesh size of 10 micron.  I welded two stainless steel hose clamps (superclamp style) to a length of stainless flat bar to hold the filter in place behind the differential. 

I thought about putting the filter in the boot, however I want to try and ensure the boot is petrol fume free which it wouldn't be when changing it!

It is accessible from below.  I drilled and tapped M5 threads into the chassis to hold the flat bar in place.

I then cut the fuel supply line to length, made up the fuel fitting and fixed the hose with a stainless P-Clip.  I also made up the filter inlet fitting (180°) ready for when I get the bulkhead fitting going into the boot.

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