What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Rear Brakes

I fitted the rear brake pads and connected up the handbrake cable.  I also replaced the bleed nipples with stainless ones.

I need to shorten the handbrake cable, but unless I can get a measurement from GD, then I will have to wait until I fit the body and handbrake lever.  This is due to the fact that I don't know the "zero" position of the lever mechanism.  I will contact Andy and see how they work it out...  I also swapped around my p-clip mount on the diff, since it clashed with the O/S cable.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Front Brake Calliper Mounting Blocks

I contacted GD regarding fitment of the front brake calliper mounting blocks and Andy confirmed that the bolt holes go toward the centre of the car.  This will of course be confirmed once I buy and try to fit the AP callipers.  Quite an easy job to change them afterwards anyway.

I have been looking at getting ready for setting the bump steer, so I have managed to get the front hubs aligned and I am just awaiting for my bump steer gauge to arrive.  I decided just to order one, since I thought I would use it a few times anyway and it would save me a lot of time trying to find lasers and mirrors etc.

I have also requested a quote from Andy at GD for the coolant hoses for the LS engine including the header tank.  I am toying on the idea of making my own 18mm stainless lines...

Watch this space......

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Radiator Trial Fit

This morning I thought that I would test fit the radiator while waiting for information regarding the brake calliper mounting blocks.  I thought that this would give an insight for running the water hoses and pipes.  I can also mark up and mount the cooling fan.

It took a little fettling for the bottom bolt holes to line up, and also I will have to source some form of bush for the top of the radiator where it goes through the top mounts.  I believe it's just a short section of rubber hose....

I will remove it again to finalise the steering rack mounting since it will be easier access.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Handbrake Cable Mount

I decided to make an additional mount to help guide the handbrake cable.  There is already a P-Clip under the brake pipe Tee piece, but I thought it would help having one on the diff.

The hole is a M12 x 1.5mm thread.  I started with a standard M12 x 1.75mm bolt (65mm long to get a long enough shank).  I cut off the threaded part and faced off the end of the bolt in the lathe.  I put on a 45 degree chamfer to assist the thread die.  I then threaded the shank.

I drilled a 4.2mm hole in the head end of the bolt and I tapped it to M5.

I put in place a 17mm P-clip and I will adjust the rotation once the cable is fully installed.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Steering Arms

I have partly bolted on the steering arms, however I am waiting on clarification on the orientation of the brake calliper mounting blocks.  I have opted for the AP Racing callipers, but I don't have them yet so I can't check the mounts.  I have messaged GD for some clarification.

I put M14 lock nuts on the steering rack too.

It's all coming together......

Friday, 13 May 2016

Alternator Belt

I received my alternator belt and fitted it.  The length I measured using the string were:  1290mm - 1350mm so I bought a 6 peak 1320mm long belt.

I released the tensioner and put the belt over the pulleys.  It seems to be tight enough, but will only really know once the engine is running.

Rear End Work

The correct bolts for the driveshafts arrived, and have now been fitted.  

I have also finally fitted the flexible brake hoses to the rear callipers and clipped them to the upper wishbones.

The propshaft bolts have also been fitted.

I have fitted the callipers and discs, but still have to fit the pads.

I have also changed out the bolt for the handbrake anchor point so that the fitting is fully on the shank of the bolt and not threads.

I will be making a small bush for a p-clip to loosely hold the handbrake cable in position.  I will post up photos once made.  It is a M12 x 1.5mm thread, so not standard.  I am waiting on a thread die.

It's coming together.....

Thursday, 5 May 2016


I have now half fitted the rear driveshafts.  I filled the CV joints with CV joint grease before fitting them to the diff and hubs.  The bolts supplied for the hubs were of the incorrect thread pitch, so I have had to order some M8x50 High tensile bolts. I temporarily fitted some standard bolts just to hold it in place.

The bolts to the diff were correct and tightened up.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Fuel Pipes

I have basically finished the fuel pipes for now.  Just a quick spray of cavity wax in through the mounting holes before the final fixing.

I bought some compression fittings to convert the 1/2" line to -8AN hose fitting.  I will then make up, or buy, -8AN hose to run to the filters and regulator.

A final tweak to the fuel line angles will need to be done once the hoses are installed.