What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Body On!!!!! (and off again)

Since I had a visit from my cousin and his sons, I decided it would be a good idea to try the bodyshell on the chassis so I could identify where the engine wiring loom would go through the bulkhead, and where the fuel hoses would have clearance going into the boot.

I almost forgot to drill a clearance hole for the gear lever, but my cousin Michael spotted it prior to the lift!  After a quick measure (and double check) I drilled a 40mm hole.  I will open this out once the exact position is known.

After a quick release of the radiator to give plenty of clearance, we managed to lift the shell off the wooden frame and lower it onto the chassis.  The bodyshell was a tight fit on the rear lower body mounts.  The shell did go down with a bit of persuasion, but I will chamfer the edges of the mounts and thin them a bit to allow easier fitment the next time.

I admired it for a while, trying to ignore the wheels, and then I marked the fuel pressure regulator position and the rear chassis brace for the wiring loom and fuel hoses respectively.

Once this was done, we then lifted the bodyshell off again....

I now have to concentrate on the bodyshell to enable me to finally fit it.  Watch this space!

Fuel Tank

Since I have gone for an Aeromotive Phantom fuel system with in-tank pumps, the supplied tank won't fit the foam / rubber swirl pot.  I have looked at it and have decided that the tank requires alteration to enable this part to fit in.

I have passed it onto a good friend who is looking at doing the modifications for me using a TIG welder.  I looked at purchasing one and doing it myself, but I think a professional welder will be able to create a leak free tank...

I will update the blog once I receive the modified tank.

Heating Hoses

I haven't had much time spent on the GD lately, but I have managed some bits and pieces.

I finally connected up the heater pipes using stainless jubilee clips including the Ford heater control valve.  I haven't done the run up to the heater box as I will wait until the body shell is on to locate the pre-made pipes.