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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fuel System - Fuel Tank & Pumps

I received my modified fuel tank back from the welder, so I decided to get the fuel pumps installed.  As I mentioned earlier on my blog, I have gone for an Aeromotive Phantom Stealth twin pump setup.  This was the reason the my standard tank had to be modified.  An Aeromotive install guide can be seen here on Youtube:  here

The tank is now wide enough to accept the foam baffle for the Phantom system.

I lined up the baffle alongside the tank, and marked out where the centre will be before drilling.

I then drilled the hole in the tank to accept the bolting down ring for the pump assembly.

The twin pumps were assembled onto the mount and it was modified to be the correct length to ensure the pump suction was as low as possible.

I dry fitted the pump assembly to ensure that the pump filters touched the bottom of the tank. (Photo taken in through the fuel sender hole)

I then looked at what fittings I require to connect up the hoses for the neatest installation. This layout may change once I start putting the hoses in...  I have bought 2x valves so I can isolate the tank for filter changeout etc.

Once all dry fitted, I installed the foam baffle unit with rubber bladder, ready to bolt in place.  I am going to use some fuel proof sealant to seal around the bolt threads before finally installing.  I bought a 310mm VDO dip tube for fuel level, since a normal float sender would foul in the baffle.  I lifted the tank into the boot, and so now just need the straps made to hold the tank in place.  I will take the tank out again to finish off mounting the boot lid catch.

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