What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Exhaust Completion & Jacking Point

After dry fitting the exhaust, and marking each part where it should sit, I managed to fit the rear mounting using the reinforced rubber supplied by GD.  I replaced the steel exhaust clamps with stainless steel ones.

While I was fitting the exhaust, I was conscious about what a ClubGD member - Larry, recommended about a rear jacking point to aid lifting the car once complete.

I studied his write up in the club magazine and decided to make up the same idea.

The only issue I had was that on the rear part of the X-pipe was a welded support fouling where the jacking point would go.

With the rear U-bolts clamp being so robust, I felt that the welded in part wasn't too crucial so I cut it out!  This then opened up an area below the rear chassis rail for the jacking point.

I designed a piece of stainless plate - 6mm x 458mm x 83mm, with a short piece (88mm) of 2 1/2" stainless pipe for centering the jack.

I made a template from the design and marked and fitted 6x M8 rivnuts to the underside of the chassis.

I will post another photo once I have made the plate and fitted it.  I then have to make a fitting to link the jacking point to the jack.....

I then proceeded to finally assemble the exhaust using some Catalytic Converter & Sensor Safe RTV sealer (Granville).

I clamped up the exhaust with stainless steel clamps (INOX) to my pre-made markings and it all seems to fit well.

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