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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Handbrake Cable Mount

I decided to make an additional mount to help guide the handbrake cable.  There is already a P-Clip under the brake pipe Tee piece, but I thought it would help having one on the diff.

The hole is a M12 x 1.5mm thread.  I started with a standard M12 x 1.75mm bolt (65mm long to get a long enough shank).  I cut off the threaded part and faced off the end of the bolt in the lathe.  I put on a 45 degree chamfer to assist the thread die.  I then threaded the shank.

I drilled a 4.2mm hole in the head end of the bolt and I tapped it to M5.

I put in place a 17mm P-clip and I will adjust the rotation once the cable is fully installed.

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