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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Front Brake Calliper Mounting Blocks

I contacted GD regarding fitment of the front brake calliper mounting blocks and Andy confirmed that the bolt holes go toward the centre of the car.  This will of course be confirmed once I buy and try to fit the AP callipers.  Quite an easy job to change them afterwards anyway.

I have been looking at getting ready for setting the bump steer, so I have managed to get the front hubs aligned and I am just awaiting for my bump steer gauge to arrive.  I decided just to order one, since I thought I would use it a few times anyway and it would save me a lot of time trying to find lasers and mirrors etc.

I have also requested a quote from Andy at GD for the coolant hoses for the LS engine including the header tank.  I am toying on the idea of making my own 18mm stainless lines...

Watch this space......

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