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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Power Steering - Continued

Mark T kindly provided me with the bracing for the Corsa power steering column.  He had already Engineered one for his car which can be seen on his blog.

I fitted the bracing to the car, and trial fitted the column.  This then identified where the ECU could and couldn't go.  Trying to avoid having to lengthen the sensor wires, and keep the ECU above the dash tray, I opted to mount the ECU to the motor itself.  This involved cutting the mounting lugs off the ECU and opening out the radius to keep it closer to the motor.

I then used a length of stainless to form a clamp that bolts to the ECU mount.  I place a piece of rubber under the mount which holds the ECU very tightly.

Once I trial fitted the column and everything fitted, I ran the wires for the following:

1mm² wire from the ECU round plug for the speed control from the CANEMS ecu
1mm² wire from the fuse box (5A) to supply the ECU
1mm² wire from dashboard multiplug E for RPM signal
6mm² wire from new 50A fuse
6mm² wire from -ve battery connection

I cut them to length, then crimped on new connectors bought from SimtekUK.

I have since removed the column and new bracing, and it is now being hot metal sprayed and painted prior to final fitting.

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