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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Footwell Extensions - Update

If you can recall I cut out a section for my right foot: here

After trying the accelerator pedal in it's motions, I decided to reinforce the footwell extension that I created which removed the inner skin.  I used some carbon fibre matting with resin to create a strong patch.

I cut the matting to shape, and then had to find bits of wood for props and also make a clamp frame to evenly spread the pressure.  This looks like a true "Crofter" style of set-up, but it did the job perfectly.

I applied just resin around the area first and let that set.  I then applied resin to the matting, both sides, before putting it in place with my clamp system.  The blue plastic was used to cover the clamps so that they didn't stick to the resin.

I think all in all a good job!

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