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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Brake Pipes

I have started running the front brake pipe.  I initially thought about running stainless steel brake line, but I tried to flare some and it didn't quite work.  Although it was double annealed, it was just too hard.

I have then settled for kunifer or copper-nickel pipe but using stainless steel fittings.  The only part I can't find in stainless are the Tee pieces, but the brass ones will be good.

I bought a 3/16" tube bender from Ridgid tools - model 603.  It cost a bit, but it is much easier and neater to bend tubes rather than using your knee or a cheap bender!  I bought it from here

I have also bought marine grade stainless steel P-clips to fix them in position using rivnuts.  Once I have run the brake lines, I will mark and drill for the rivnuts to fix the P-clips to.

I am keeping the brake line as far away from the engine as possible to minimise the effect of heat.  I may install a heat shield, but will assess once the engine is in.

I will hopefully finish the front pipe tomorrow morning, then move onto the middle and rear.

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