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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Engine has Arrived!

I decided to go all out and install a Chevrolet LS7 (7.0l).  This was prepared for me by Kyle Rushall at Tim Adams Racing Engines.

It has been modified a bit though....

It has been converted to be a wet sump system and is fitted with the "Bat Wing" sump.  There are JE pistons and forged steel con-rods as opposed to the titanium ones.  The engine was originally built for somebody who wanted to use it for street racing then didn't want it any more.

There is a different profile cam installed and a CANEMS engine management system.

This was dyno tested at 620bhp and 588 ft lbs of torque!  I have been told it is very smooth, and I hope to speak with Dave at CANEMS to program in a few driving modes.

I will be coupling the engine to a 6-speed Tremec T-56 Magnum gearbox and a Macleod street twin clutch.

Engine on the Dyno machine at Tim Adams Racing Engines

Engine & Gearbox being delivered

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