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Monday, 26 September 2016


Since my LS7 has been converted to a wet sump system, I require a dipstick.  The engine was built using a batwing sump, and the block had been pre-drilled for the dipstick tube.

After searching for a while on the internet, I found the following information from here.

The Dipstick Tube part number should be 12562360 & the Dipstick 12562468.

However, these part numbers have been discontinued and after speaking with Pace Performance, I deduced that the part numbers that I require are:

Dipstick Tube:    12563817
Dipstick:             12574889

I ordered them from the US and promptly fitted them.  I'll have to see how it lines up once the rocker covers are in place, but I think it is not too far off.  I may get a new handle to get rid of the bright yellow one!

Also, once I drain the current level of oil out (added just for preservation), I will fill the sump with the required amount (6.5 qts.) and check the level on the dipstick to confirm this is indeed the correct one!

I have notched a little piece out of the heat shield, but I will remove approx 5mm more before adding some edging strip to clean up the install.

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