What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Monday, 7 March 2016


I have been doing a few jobs lately, with quite a lot of thinking regarding fuel pipe runs and what fuel supply system I am going to use.

I thought that I would get a few things done while I am trying to decide.

I have drilled a few holes for mounting the stainless p clips and have tapped a M5 thread for the bolt.

I will post up some photos when I am assembling the p clips since showing a hole isn't too telling!

I have been trying to work out how the handbrake mechanism is designed to function, and I have decided to modify the lever that was provided with the kit so that it fits above the chassis mount.  Dale's car has the lever above the mount, but the one supplied with my kit couldn't fit.  I have since ground the lever down to fit on the existing mount to match what I think is correct.

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