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Friday, 19 February 2016

Brake Pipe Clamp

I wanted to use stainless steel brake fittings where possible and minimise joints.  GD supply an aluminium clamp that holds the pipes for the front & rear brake pipes along with the clutch slave cylinder supply and remote bleed.

Stainless flexible hoses connect from this point to the master cylinders in the compartment behind the front offside wheel.

I bought some stainless bulkhead connectors to do the job:

2x M10x1.0mm - 3/8"(-3AN)
1x 3/8"(-3AN) - 3/8"(-3AN)

The only issue now is that the GD supplied clamp is designed for holding round male to male connectors but these bulkhead connectors are hexagonal.

I thought about turning them round on the lathe, but i thought the best option would be to machine the clamp to accept the hex part.  That way, I won't have to use a spanner to hold them.

I got a local machine shop to do the machining.  They also polished up the stainless bracket for me.

I just need to machine the remote bleed part once I know what I'm going to do......  I have flared the last two ends and so I will finally fix the pipes in.  I will get photos tomorrow.

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