What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Poly Bushes Fitted

Since the wishbones have been painted also, I started to assemble the suspension.  The polyurethane bushes were pressed into each wishbone using a G clamp to help - they weren't too tight though....

The stainless bush inserts had to be trimmed to fit my chassis.  This was done on a small Sealey lathe which did the trick.  They bushes started off at 38mm long, but I required approx 34.5mm long to fit.

Some of the wishbone lugs on the chassis had to be opened up using some threaded rod and a couple of nuts.  The holes also had to be cleared out to 1/2" to accept the high tensile bolts.

Once the bushes had been turned down, I pressed them in using the vice to give a helping hand.

Again they weren't stiff to go in.

I then loosely bolted the wishbones in place - I will properly tighten once on the ground.

I bought some rubber boots for the rose joints to see if this will help prolong their life.  I covered the ends in grease, and pulled the boots on.  The only one I didn't put on was the inner rod end on the rear turnbuckle since the covers have bits that stick out and the wishbone didn't really have enough clearance to get the cover on.  The boots were bought from McGill Motorsport -

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